BSB - manufacturing and wholesale of hookah bowls.

About us:

We make hookah bowls in our family pottery production, founded about 20 years ago in St.-Petersburg.

Разработка новых моделей
Производство кальянных чаш

During the production of each new bowl we use only environmentally friendly and safe materials of European origin. Our technologies - combinations of the old school pottery, modern means and methods of processing clay, as well as our own developments and techniques that have stood the test of time.

Each stage of production, from the processing of materials to the packaging of the final product - everything is done either with our direct participation or under strict control. Only such involvement allows us to guarantee the quality of products, as well as to improve in our business.

Производство кальянных чаш
Производство кальянных чаш

We do not use semi-finished products and blanks, do not trade in the name, ordering bowls with our logo from other manufacturers. We make our own bowls from scratch. And we are proud of it.